Ultra Safe & Secure Packaging

If you are an avid collector, or if you plan to resell this purchase in your store, then you don’t need all the bells and whistles... am I right!?

Our FREE packaging offers a no frills, but ultra safe delivery vessel. Your purchase will be bagged individually. Your entire purchase will then be protected again with two additional water resistant bags and placed in a crush proof box in order to ensure safe delivery to your home or office.

Signature Gift Box

For a small upcharge of $3.00, we’ll also include our signature black gift box which is made of high grade black recycled paper. The inside of the box has been hand stamped with our logo and web store address. Each of our listings in the gallery will have the option to add our gift box to your purchase. Or, click on the box below in order to add our gift box to your purchase.


Professional Gift Wrapping

Our swankadelic ultra deluxe packaging option adds our professional gift wrapping service to our signature gift box and ultra safe packaging. Our packaging can best be described as black on black on BLACK! We wrap your gift old school style, without tape! We like to think of it as the Punk Rock version of that other cool jewelry company with the little “blue” box. Our professional gift wrapping paper and satin ribbon are timeless, with a rich composition. It’s luxurious appearance will put your gift way over the top! Your gift can hit a home run for an additional $5.00

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